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A Conversation

We argue that Castoriadis, Ricoeur, and Taylor have articulated the most important theoretical frameworks for understanding social imaginaries, although the field as a whole remains heterogeneous. We further argue that the notion of social imaginaries draws on the modern understanding of the imagination as authentically creative as opposed to imitative. We contend that an elaboration of social imaginaries involves a signifi cant, qualitative shift in the understanding of societies as collectively and politically- auto instituted formations that are irreducible to inter-subjectivity or systemic logics.

Modern Social Imaginaries - Nathalia Dutra

After marking out the contours of the field and recounting a philosophical history of the imagination including deliberations on the reproductive and creative imaginations, as well as consideration of contemporary Japanese contributions , the essay turns to debates on social imaginaries in more concrete contexts, specifically political-economic imaginaries, the ecological imaginary, multiple modernities and their intercivilisational encounters. Th e social imaginaries field imparts powerful messages for the human sciences and wider publics.

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In particular, social imaginaries hold significant implications for ontological, phenomenological and philosophical anthropological questions; for the cultural, social, and political horizons of contemporary worlds; and for ecological and economic phenomena including their manifest crises. With his characteristic clear prose and clear thinking, Taylor presents a compelling view of the modern social imaginary.

Social Imaginaries | Rowman & Littlefield International

The author's breadth of learning and humanistic disposition constitute a rare fusion of qualities in the current climate of intellectual warfare. I believe this book provides a valuable conceptual clarification of what is distinctive about Western modernity; at the very least, it will spark some valuable reflection on this much discussed yet much misunderstood topic.

Since religion has little public role in these societies, Modern Social Imaginaries shows how secularity provides a system of meaning for modern man. This book is worth reading for those concerned with ethics, politics, and modernity and rises to the top of Taylor's more recent work.

Connective Action for Global Fairness: Building Social Imaginaries

Nicholas , Review of Metaphysics. It leaps across centuries of change and controversy with considerable grace.

And it avoids the portentous huffing and puffing about imminent collapse that so often mars philosophical analysis of modernity and its prospects. Reading the book is like engaging in a conversation with a wonderfully intelligent and articulate friend, if one is lucky enough to have such a friend. It breathes a kind of serene confidence that one can approach even the broadest questions about what makes us tick in the calmest and most reasonable manner.

There is still room for God, however, Taylor thinks.

Which is nice. This seems a welcome change from the naturalizing tendency in philosophy of the last several decades, and perhaps marks the beginning of a trend from which most disciplines of the Western intellectual world could profit.

Critical Interventions

In Twilight of the Idols , Nietzsche complained of philosophers' 'lack of historical sense': at least in Charles Taylor's case, he must withdraw the charge. Bk Cover Image Full. Sign In. Search Cart.

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Social imaginaries in debate

These technologies include postnatal genetic and aural testing for deafness, and may in future include prenatal testing. Cochlear implants can enable profoundly deaf people to hear and newborn hearing screening has recently been introduced in New Zealand. Our article draws on two small ethnographic studies in Auckland: one with two families with hereditary deafness; the other with two families and one young adult who had recently chosen cochlear implants, to suggest that individual and societal moral reasoning on the contested issues of technologies for deafness is embedded in different social imaginaries of normalcy.

Keywords imaginaries, predicament; deaf, anthropology.